Update note for Easy ABC for Beginners

Update note

2024-1-5 v1.1.1

* Database error fixed.

2023-12-27 v1.0.9

*Fix video play issue

*Fix UI issue on Word Page

2023-12-20 v1.0.8

* Fix video playing issue.

2023-12-20 v1.0.7

* Alphabet chart default scale parameter changed.

* The description on the main store listing of Google Play Store changed.

2023-12-18 v1.0.6

* UI experiences improved.

2023-12-16 v1.0.5

*Fix letter tracing board finger pressure setting

*Fix letter page loading performance

2023-12-16 v1.0.4

*Add bottom letter navigation on Word page

*Fix several UI problems

*Tracing video performance improvement

About Easy ABC for Beginners

Simple zoomable English alphabet chart app with British/American phonetics, letter illustrations, tracing video by real person, tracing practice, and related vocabulary.

Easy Abc For Kids, English Alphabet Chart App
Easy Abc For Kids, English Alphabet Chart App