New HSK Test Vocabulary Level 123456~789


Learn Chinese HSK words. Developed by Chinese native speakers in Shanghai.

New HSK 3.0 test (level 1/2/3/4/5/6/789), 11k+ words, by Chinese native speakers.

On March 24, 2021, China Ministry of Education released new standard about HSK test (so called HSK 3.0).

Compared to the old HSK 2.0, HSK 3.0 introduced new Level 7/8/9. Moreover, the vocabularies in each level Changed Greatly! That’s why we developed this New HSK 3.0 vocabulary App.

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* Based on new 2021 HSK 3.0 guideline.

* Developed by Chinese native speakers in Shanghai.

* 11,500+ Chinese words across HSK level 1~6~789. Old HSK words are also included.

* Heteronyms & synonyms & antonyms.

* Detailed explanation and rich examples for every words.

* Chinese native speaker pronounciation.

* No Ad. That’s very important.

* Easy-to-user UI, no complex features.

* You can ask any questions to our Chinese teachers in our community.

* Support offline. You can use it without Internet.

* New word lists will be continually updated.



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