How can I recover my locked Facebook account?

If you add a lot of people on Facebook in a short time, repeatedly post offensive/illegal content, or send spam messages to many strangers, Facebook will probably ban your account.


But sometimes the Facebook platform’s algorithm may make mistake. Even if you don’t violate any of the platform’s rules, your account may still be banned. For example, if you are using a VPN proxy to access Facebook, Facebook will probably consider your account as a fake account or bot and block your account because your IP address changes frequently.

If your Facebook is blocked/disabled/restricted/suspended by the platform, how should you unblock/restore it?

1. If your problem is not serious, we can unblock your account by using cell phone verification code.

2. To unblock your account with the help of friends, we need to choose a few FB friends and send them a security code, then contact them to get the verification code they received from Facebook, then use the verification code to unblock the account, and then follow the system instructions to unblock it.

3. In addition to the above two methods, we can also send an appeal email to the administrator. Generally, if your account needs to appeal, the possibility of restoring your FB account is actually very small.


If you appeal to Facebook several times and they still refuse to restore your account, you will probably want to register a new account, but in general, even if you register a new account, your account will be blocked soon, although we don’t know what the specific reason is. This drives you crazy, right?

If you re-registered your Facebook account and your new account is still blocked by the platform, and you really like to use the social platform to record your life, then you can use some SNS style note apps, such as iTwi.

The reason why Facebook can block your account is because all your user data is stored on their servers, so they can restrict or block your account, but if all your data is stored on your mobile phone’s local storage, no one can block your account. For social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, users actually have no data sovereignty. If the platform thinks you are violating their rules, they can restrict or block your account. By using SNS style local note app, you can avoid this problem completely and you can protect your privacy very well.