Use tips for Local Diary App by Word-X Lab

How to paste text in the middle of a word?

You can just single-click the position where you want insert your text to move the cursor, and double-click to display the paste toolbar.

How to delete image?

Android:To delete an image, you need to first click the right half of the image (move cursor to the right) and then click the delete icon on the top right corner.

iOS: Just click the target image and then click the delete icon on the top right corner.

How to recover deleted files ?

In case of such accidents, we actually never really permanently delete your diary data. We just mark the diary data item as ‘deleted’ and prevent it from showing. When you export your diary data, all your diary data, including deleted data will be exported.

How to open .csv file?

You can open .csv file with Office Excel. You can manipulate the rows and columns as usual.

Also, .csc file is essentially a variant of text format. You can also open it with all text editor.

When I open the exported .docx document, it shows the error message ‘Word found unreadable content…’

Word found unreadable content in  xxx.docx. Do you want to recover the contents of this document? If you trust the source of the document, click Yes

Wordfoundunreadablecontentin xxx.docx.doyouwanttorecoverthecontentsofthisdocumentifyoutrustthesourceofthedocument,clickyes
Word found unreadable content in xxx.docx.

Solution: you can just click “Yes” to open the .docx document and save as a new document.

I can’t find the exported Office Word .docx document.

Solution: if you have many diaries (hundreds of and with many pictures), it takes about one or two minutes for the export to finish. Please wait for a while and check the directory again.

How to delete/replace all [time_created] or [tag] in the exported .docx document?

You can easily use wildcards in MS Word.

The expression to replace [time_created]:  \[time_created\]*^13

The expression to replace [tag]:  \[tag\]*^13